Thursday, February 11, 2010

not cussing as much...

Every Friday night a group of people meet in our living room. We have one common, and that is we attend the same church. We seem so different from one another...some are more affluent,some are white and some are not,some are young and still others pierce you with the wisdom of years that sparkle in their eye. Some married, single, some wishing they were married and still...others wishing they were not! Some fatigued by the demands of their young families and work and some who see the drawing end not too far off in the future.I LOVE our time together...I LOVE listening to each and every one of them and I LOVE when I hear something true and honest and real. Last week it happened like this...

We're having discussion around a study from John Ortberg's new book, "The Me I Want to Be" a few of us mention struggles in general or some tendencies in general and then, one mom, demonstrates more courage than us all. "I'm not cussing as much at my kids, and I feel really good about that...I feel like God is really working in me, I still yell at them too much...but I'm not cussing as much." I LOVED it! Because here's the truth sometimes, especially for anyone who's been a Christ follower for a long time, this probably isn't your struggle. I was a Christ follower long before I was a mom, yell at my kids! Cuss at my kids! NEVER! The easy response or knee-jerk reaction is NOT me! Even if we don't say it out loud...we think it! don't we? Or we subconsciously categorize ourselves in a different class, a better class. I read a quote today and it made me laugh, maybe it will make you laugh. "You may ask, “How can I realize my own sinfulness?” WRONG question faker! @gracefreak

Love this mom, love when her kids are in our home and love it when they are happy to see me and always give me a hug, they make me feel loved! Love that she has courage to be real...I'm still workin on it!

Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, "God's word is to be heard by everyone in his own way and according to the measure of his understanding."


Dan Rockwell said...


Thanks for using my quote and thanks for a great blog


Grace Freak
Dan Rockwell

Anonymous said...

Love it! I am helping with a group and the ladys of all ages and back grounds feel safe enought also to share fankly and openly. It always seems to speak to the other. And helps they grow.