Thursday, March 3, 2011

The strangeness in a moment

Was looking back on a time when I was working for another organization, we had hired an outside consultant, an expert in his field. During his work for us he learned that I identified myself as a "Christian". In one of our meetings over dinner he had questions about that, really he had questions about God and questions about the human condition. He wondered, in particular what I thought about how awful the human race could really be, the terrible things people can do or be involved in. I remember saying to him, "it never amazes me how awful man can be, it amazes me more still that God treasures us and is always ready to restore us, that's what amazes me." Then there was a moment of strangeness as I observed tears welling in his eyes and one drop down his cheek. Turns out there are people all around us who still have not been touched by the grace of the gospel message of Jesus Christ and sometimes...they wear nice suits, have wonderful homes and success in business.

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