Monday, January 21, 2013

Love You to the Moon and Back!

I was in class most of the weekend and so missed time with my family, but our 4 yr. old grandson reminded me of how close we can draw to one another with just a few little words, even when we are absent to one another.  There is a children's story, Little Nutbrown Hare, if you haven't read it you should, that we first shared with our son when he was about the same age.
The little hare is trying to communicate with his father how much he loves him and says, "I love you to the top of my toes!" and he reaches for the sky. Of course the big hare is much taller and replies, "I love you all the way to the top of my toes!" his reach being the highest of the two and so the story continues with little hare always being out loved by the big hare.
I was going to miss seeing my grandson, he would be gone before I got home. So our son called me on my way home to let the two of us talk. My grandson got on the line and jabbered about the day and asked me about my class, "Bam ma are you still in class?" "No buddy, I'm on my way home now, but I missed you! I'll see you later this week okay? I love you buddy!" "Bam ma? I love you allllll the way to the moon and back!"  In that instant I was present with him even though I was still on my way home.
Not sure how you let the people in your life know how much they are loved, but this one little children's story book has stuck in our family all these years and many times our text messages to our now adult son end the same. "Love You to the Moon and Back!"

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