Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Encouraging Next Steps

I want to help people take their "next step" in Jesus from wherever they are, no matter where they've been, what they've done or what they look like and I really get excited about a person's first step toward faith in Jesus. But what that looks like and how it works is beginning to change me in ways I never expected, it continues to challenge me too. I started this blog as part of that change. I'm learning new ways to engage with those who might be disenfranchised with the "church" but as I'm also learning, are... oh so interested in engaging in a conversation about life with Jesus. They probably just aren't going to walk in to my church. I'm not a tech kind of person...but one night at midnight my son called me from a tattoo shop owned by one of his friends, where a group of them were hanging out and looking for me on facebook, myspace and other internet places I had never been. These are some neat kids, yes, they have tattoos but I actually like these kids because they challenge me and engage me in conversation where the answers are not pre-recorded, it is genuine gut-wrenching honest conversation. Now, I'm slow and it was midnight but... it hit me. ENGAGE with them, from where they are and on their terms. (think I read this in the Revolutionary Communicator) These are kids who maybe haven't taken any steps toward a relationship with Jesus but I've watched them simply bow their heads at our dinner table and it was pure! Maybe? that's a first step? I've just decided to enter the community online in hope that I can help someone...anyone take a step toward knowing and walking out life with Jesus. Now I tweet on twitter, read and journal my bible reading on, have mastered text messaging (it might be the best conversation you can have with your teenager), and working on my facebook and this blog. An old dog can learn new tricks!

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Kristen Farrah said...

Good for you, Kim! I look forward to reading and "engaging" more with you and others. See you Sunday, if not before. ;)