Thursday, December 17, 2009

Today my mother-n-law gave me the best Christmas present ever! I did say mother-n-law right? See there has always been a tension in our relationship and a distance between her and our only son. Now she loves Jesus and I know she loves her grandson as well but the truth be told just not a warm, fuzzy closeness. Being that what it has been...she knocked my socks off today when I read the intimate message she included in her grandson's (our son)Christmas card this year. She spoke life-giving, kind, encouraging words and she made herself real, when she added that she hadn't always got it right in her own life. It got even better as I read her thoughtful words, she wasn't pushy and she left the door wide open. I loved it!, I love her! and mom....this is the best Christmas present we ever got! Here's an excerpt.

"I want you to know something I had to learn the hard way- a truth, I'll share more with you if you want to listen. The truth, I learned is- you may want to be a good parent--but, if you are a good Christian father only then can you be the best you can be, we love you."

Full of grace, love it! Our son became a dad last year at 18. We're proud of him! He's got a real Father's heart!

Speak life in to someone this will be the best gift you can give!

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